How To Short Bitcoin?

It all started last Monday when Bill Gates said he would short bitcoin if he could on CNBC.
Determine The Optimal Bitcoin Trading Strategy For You.
short bitcoin future
Step one:
Decide whether you are bullish or bearish on Bitcoin for the long run:
Reasons for being bearish.

Do you consider Bitcoin as the future global currency?
Do you have the technical skills to store bitcoin securely?
Are you prepared and able to comply with the Tax regulations involved with trading Bitcoins?

CFD is the ideal instrument for shorting bitcoins.

Bitcoin has no intrinsic value and backed by no asset or entity. While Fiat currencies always in demand due to their legal status.
UK’s citizens and firms are obligated to make all transactions using the GBP. Including paying taxes, salaries and must accept GDP as payment. Bitcoin is merely the current digital craze that might be abandoned, replaced or corrupted at any time.
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Shorting Bitcoins.