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GBP/USD is Pushing Towards The 1.4000 mark

The British pound is trading slightly above the 1.3360 level, but not by much as it moves towards its next significant resistance at the 1.4000 mark. One can expect another wave up to test this zone once again before going back below targeting even lower supports around here.
The GBP/USD pair has been consistently consolidating since January when the Bank Of England cut interest rates for the first time after seven years which sent markets into chaos and made investors question whether we will ever see any economic recovery finally happening outside the UK economy. It seems like last week’s events haven’t changed anything significantly. Lately, there have only been sideways trends following each other without giving room enough space so far until our eyes get used to seeing those patterns over-and.

Cryptocurrencies CFD Trading

Learn about Contract for Difference (CFD) trading in the cryptocurrency world. Contract for Difference trading, also known as CFD trading, is a method that allows retail traders to invest in an asset by entering into a contract based on the market price of the underlying asset. CFDs require the contract’s value difference between the opening and closing periods to be paid in cash.

Begin trading cryptocurrencies right away. Create a risk-free live trading account. Deposit into your account to add funds. Keep an eye on the market and select the cryptocurrency you want to trade. Learn more about trading cryptocurrency CFDs online.

The act of speculating on the price movement of cryptocurrencies is known as Crypto CFD Trading. You can predict whether the price of a particular cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, and others) will rise or fall, and then buy (go long) or sell (go short) the chosen cryptocurrency.

CFD Trades are a type of leveraged product. As a result, when compared to CFD Trades based on other products, the combination of increased volatility and leverage has the potential to increase your losses if the market moves against you significantly. Furthermore, there are general risks associated with cryptocurrency trading.

CFDs on cryptocurrency are a new way to trade this revolutionary financial instrument. You can speculate on the price of significant Cryptocurrencies by purchasing a Contract for Difference, just like you can with Forex.

Create a risk-free live trading account. Deposit into your account to add funds. Keep an eye on the market and select the cryptocurrency you want to trade.


Where to Buy NFTs

Many people are asking, “How can I buy NFT Tokens?” NFTs are digital tokens on the blockchain to record proof of ownership for the person holding it. Each NFT is unique because it has its unalterable data and history. NFTs can be used in games like CryptoKitties or in other contexts where you want to own digital assets securely. NFTs can be bought on an exchange like Coinbase or Binance.

– NFT Tokens are digital tokens on the blockchain to record proof of ownership for the person holding it, making each NFT unique because they have its unalterable data and history. NFTs can be used in games like CryptoKitties or other contexts where you want to own digital assets securely. NFTs can also be bought on various exchanges, including Coinbase or Binance.

Transfer assets from one party to another. And now you can purchase NFTs with USD! NFTs are NFT’s.

Stay tuned for more information on how to buy NFT Tokens!

Are you interested in buying NFT tokens? Check out our blog post about it here: How to Buy NFT Tokens? Let us know what your favorite NFT is by tweeting at us.

International oil prices fall, as the U.S. index rises to a 16-month high

On November 12, the market bet that the Fed would raise interest rates early to combat inflation. The dollar index rose to 95.266, its highest level since late July 2020. Demand for fourth-quarter oil fell while US shale oil supply rose, putting pressure on the oil market.

On Friday, November 12, the market bet that the Fed would raise interest rates early to combat inflation. The dollar index rose to 95.266, its highest level since late July 2020. OPEC cut its fourth-quarter demand forecast and raised its US shale oil supply forecast for next year, putting pressure on the oil market.

NYMEX crude oil futures fell 0.69 percent to $81.03/barrel, while ICE Brent crude oil futures fell 0.73 percent to $82.22/barrel.


“The US dollar may remain strong until the market fully digests the Fed’s accelerated monetary policy tightening expectations, which may not be until mid-2022,” said Leona Liu of DailyFX in Singapore. The strong dollar may get stronger first. Withstand rising oil prices While rising energy costs and rising inflation may benefit oil prices, they may also limit the market’s upside potential.

This week, the major markets moved nearly $4.

Demand is improving, and air travel is increasing, but the tightening of monetary and fiscal policies and the upcoming winter in the Northern Hemisphere will restrain demand.

To slow the rise in oil prices, the Biden administration may release the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

“The market is in a delicate balance,” said Justin Smirk, senior analyst at Western Pacific Bank. He said that while market supply is stable, demand is changing in kinetic energy. The market has shifted from a strong recovery driven by commodity demand to a service demand-driven recovery.

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) reduced its forecast for global oil demand in the fourth quarter of 2021 due to high energy prices.

OPEC forecasts an average oil demand of 99.49 million barrels per day in the fourth quarter of 2021, down 330,000 barrels per day from the previous month.

OPEC also increased its forecast for US shale oil production next year, expecting 610,000 barrels per day in 2022, up 200,000 barrels per day from last month.

Increased investment by manufacturers due to rising oil prices.


According to a government source, the Indian Ministry of Petroleum has asked ONGC.NS to sell 60% of its two major oil and gas fields to private companies to increase production.

India’s dependence on foreign oil has risen to over 80% as domestic oil refining capacity grows, but oil and natural gas production stagnate.

India ranks third in oil consumption and imports. It has been asking ONGC to increase production for years to cash in on its oil and gas reserves quickly.

The gold price might hit its highest level in six months

On November 12, the dollar index weakened, limiting the intraday decline in gold prices. Gold may still be at its highest weekly gain since May 7th, boosted by US consumer concerns about rising prices and the anti-inflation gold charm. The Fed’s “wait and see” strategy has some drawbacks. Inflation expectations are now at historic highs. If inflation expectations continue to rise, a vicious circle of inflation will form, and the Fed will lose its best window of intervention.

The dollar index weakened on Friday (November 12), limiting the intraday decline in gold prices.

Concerns about rising consumer prices in the US may still boost gold’s anti-inflationary appeal.

The main COMEX gold contract fell 0.39 percent to $1,556.6 per ounce at 16:18 Beijing time. The US dollar index was flat at 95.171.


It is worth noting that the US dollar index rose to 95.256, its highest level since late July 2020, increasing the cost of buying gold for non-US citizens.

Earlier, the US announced that consumer prices rose the most in over 30 years last month.

The sharp rise in inflation has also prompted investors to bet on a faster Fed rate hike. Rate increases increase the opportunity cost of holding gold, which pays no interest.

“Until the supply chain resumes, upward price pressure will continue,” said Stephen Innes, managing partner of SPI Asset Management. Innes also predicted a rise in gold prices due to supply chain issues. This may lead to longer-lasting inflation, with slower rate hikes. He added that the rate hike cycle should eventually lower gold’s price.

According to Michael Langford of AirGuide, as the Fed’s gradual reduction in debt purchases and increased stimulus inflows fades, gold tends to fall below $1,850 in the short term.

Everbright Securities’ Gao Ruidong, managing director and chief macroeconomist, released a research report analyzing the risks of the Fed’s “wait and see” interest rate hike strategy.

Inflation expectations are now at historic highs. If inflation expectations continue to rise, a vicious circle of inflation will form, and the Fed will lose its best window of intervention.

Despite US Vice President Biden’s assurances that price increases are temporary, the opposition has found new targets.

Several Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee tweeted that investing trillions of dollars in infrastructure projects will only worsen the US crisis.

Last week, the US Congress passed the infrastructure bill, and Biden won, but his plan to “rebuild a better world” did not receive unanimous Democratic support.

The plan aims to invest 1.85 trillion dollars in the US social safety net over ten years.

“Everyone agrees that the threat of record inflation to the American people is not temporary, but worsening,” said Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat.

Should You Invest In Dogecoin?

Cryptocurrencies are all the major trends, but should you invest in one? I’m not sure. There’s no doubt that they’re becoming more popular by the day – some even believe they’ll replace gold as a form of currency! But, before we get too deep into Dogecoin, let me explain to you what makes it distinctive. – Billy Markus debuted it honestly and publicly on December 6, 2013, with no claims or aspirations to be “better” than other coins. They desired something equitable for all cryptocurrency users. The miners were primarily gamers with strong VGA cards.
Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency parody founded in 2013 by Australian entrepreneur Jackson Palmer and software engineer Billy Markus. Palmer explained in an interview that the inspiration for the project originated from two online tabs he had open on his computer at the time: one with a viral internet meme of a Japanese Shiba Inu “doge,” and the other with a list of recently introduced bitcoin ventures to the market.
Palmer playfully coined the term “Dogecoin” for himself and posted the now-famous sentence, “Investing in Dogecoin, quite sure it’s the next big thing,” on his Twitter account. It piqued the eye of the meme-fueled crypto community right away.
To retain it as a private joke coin, Dogecoin was deemed “as absurd as possible” and marketed as “a fun coin.”

Russia considers issuing a national cryptocurrency,

Russia will have a prototype of the digital rouble platform in early 2022 and will pilot-test it next year before making a final decision on the country’s digital currency launch, Central Bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina said on Tuesday.

Nabiullina said the decision could be made in May or June if Russia was ready for this.

“We are at the stage now where we are considering our digital currency, but that is only the first step,” she told reporters. “We will have a prototype by early 2022, and then we will start testing it.”

Russia may also consider issuing a national cryptocurrency, Nabiullina said.

“As regards the possibility of issuing an analog of bitcoin, in my opinion, it is likely to be issued but already in a format that will meet the Central Bank’s requirements,” Nabiullina added. “That is to say, if we are talking about some cryptocurrency, then this is only possible when it fully meets the requirements of the Central Bank regarding consumer rights protection.”

Nabiullina said digital money would not be used for payments to individuals for privacy reasons.

Do you buy U.S. Treasury bonds for China’s foreign exchange reserves, and China Merchants Bank’s exchange for foreign exchange still ignores

Do you buy U.S. Treasury bonds for China’s foreign exchange reserves, and China Merchants Bank’s exchange for foreign exchange still ignores

Are you on our foreign exchange reserves to buy U.S. Treasury bonds? China Merchants Bank personal foreign exchange swap places still do not understand. Will we talk about the details and our country’s foreign exchange reserves to buy U.S. Treasury bonds and China Merchants Bank to exchange personal knowledge related to foreign exchange?
As the foreign exchange market is becoming more and more popular, more and more people also want to participate in foreign exchange transactions. But in fact, there are many pits in foreign exchange transactions, so how should the pits be settled? If you directly search for information on the Internet, it is easy for someone to do business. Then you can systematically learn some foreign exchange trading-related technologies and some knowledge related to foreign exchange trading here.

1. What is news trading law
U.S. President Biden: The economy is developing in the right direction, and recovery still has a long way to go. Later in May, the next phase of state and local government assistance will be launched. I do not think that unemployment benefits hurt employment data. The European Union calls on the United States to keep up with the pace of Europe’s new crown vaccine exports: European Commission President Von der Lein said that the E.U. should be open to the intellectual property rights (exemptions) of the new crown pneumonia vaccine. The vaccine patent exemption will not bring new short-term supplies. The European Union has exported 200 million vaccines, calling on the United States to keep up with the European Union’s export rhythm. Biden said he would like to see corporate tax rates of 25%-28%, suggesting that the acceptable tax rate is lower than his proposal. Biden added that a corporate tax rate of 25%-28% can help raise funds for investment projects, Implying that he accepts a tax rate lower than the level he proposed. During a visit to Lake Charles, Louisiana, Biden said: “The way I can fund this is to ensure that the most prominent companies do not pay zero taxes and reduce (2017) corporate tax cuts to 25%-28%. ”

2. What is the foreign exchange fund management
Fund management determines the degree of risk tolerance through the analysis of transaction risks and potential profits and controls risks through the management of transaction funds to ensure maximum profits. Most traders always verbally declare that they value money management. Still, they spend a lot of time looking for the perfect trading system or entry point, ignoring the importance of money management. The importance of fund management is reflected in response to risks. Investment traders who have experienced losses know that if they want to return to the break-even point after a certain level of loss, it means increasing their positions to a greater extent. If the loss reaches 50%, you need to increase the funds by 100% if you want to return to the break-even point. It is precisely because the magnitude of this decline is different from that of the rise that the destructive power of a sharp decline on investment profits and losses is self-evident. Therefore, those investment traders who have achieved long-term success will attach such importance to controlling losses. Only by doing an excellent job controlling losses can they lay a solid foundation for long-term profits. However, the proper management of control of transaction funds is a very effective means. Investment traders like to hear stories about legends making their fortunes with small funds, but many legends end up bankrupting their wealth due to a lack of risk control, often overlooked by the investing public.

3. Wave trading theory
Eliot published his theory in the book “The Principle of Waves.” In Elliott’s view, the market presents an iterative process. He pointed out that this process of change was caused by changes in investor sentiment caused by external factors or by the dominant psychology of the market at that time. Elliott explained that because the collective mental state of the market has led to price fluctuations, this mental state is always reflected in repeated patterns. He called the up and down fluctuations of prices “waves.” Elliott believes that if you can correctly judge the establishment of a trend, you can predict when the trend will end accordingly. The subsequent price fluctuation direction after the trend is established. This is also the reason why the Elliott band attracts so many investors. Elliott’s theory taught investors a way to determine the particular node of the price trend. At this node, the possibility of a price trend reversal is very high. In other words, Elliott built a system that allows traders to capture the top and bottom of the market. So Elliott discovered the rules of unnecessary price fluctuations. Isn’t it amazing? But before we start studying Elliott waves, you need to know what fractals are.

No matter when you conduct foreign exchange transactions, the reserve of knowledge is crucial. After reading the above content, you must have your system and theory for this, and then you can digest it through practice.

The depreciation of the U.S. dollar, the future trend is unpredictable

This week the foreign exchange market, the dollar depreciation of the main events, a week quotes 93.9480 to 93.6180 point downstream point, the depreciation of 0.35%; 94.1785-93.4950 point amplitude between the highest and the lowest was 0.72%. As a result, other major currency followers have their characteristics. Among them, the appreciation of the pound sterling has helped the U.S. dollar significantly, and the exchange rate range has risen to 1.38 US dollars. The appreciation of the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar have strong coordination, with the Australian dollar reaching US$0.74 and the New Zealand dollar to US$0.72. Over the weekend, the yen only appreciated 113 yen, while the Canadian dollar remained high at 1.23 Canadian dollars. Only the euro remained stable at 1.16 US dollars, and the Swiss franc remained stable at 0.91 Swiss francs. Our RMB sudden appreciation and then topped 6,400 yuan mark, the two comparable level, opening the shore in partial derogatory 6.43 yuan, offshore partial rose 6.42 yuan but closed both 6.38 yuan, 6.3850 onshore partial banished from slightly below The shore is 6.3820 yuan.

The U.S. dollar dominates the current foreign exchange market. After all, the economic and policy influence of the U.S. dollar is more potent than that of all currencies, and the will of the U.S. dollar in the exchange rate game is still at the mercy of the market logic and guidance. The prospects deviate from the economy or are highly speculative or anxious—leading to cause and background.

1. The expected advancement of U.S. monetary policy is the focus of operational parameters. One week the Fed several officials of speech, including Bao Weier speech the President of the economy certainly favor or outbreaks soothing rhetoric and policy loosening is evident, then the market is expected to raise interest rates ahead of time is the key, actual debt reduction or step by step forward, then U.S. Treasury yields up protrude. Among them, the 10-year Treasury bond yield has risen to 1.7%, indicating that the Fed’s actions are intensive and the layout observation is positive. At this time, the devaluation of the U.S. dollar is the key. After all, it is the key to stabilizing the economy with interest rate hike expectations, and the devaluation of the U.S. dollar is significant to protect the economy. The old way of the U.S. dollar currency has always been concerned about and adjusted to the economy. Being proactive is the key to the current U.S. economic timeliness. Therefore, the Fed’s monetary policy is the key to benchmarking the economy, and it is also the focus of the actual results of actual measures. The primary and secondary logic of currency and economy is that currency protects the economy and is the focus of attention. Since President Biden came to power, he has always focused on the concerns and facts of the domestic economy. The U.S. economy has been prosperous so far. It is the market focus that has the background and the support of factors.

2. The actual profit and performance of the enterprise highlight the functional effect. The focus of the market this week is the financial reports of listed companies in the United States. The final result is that companies’ financial reports are positive or their earnings are more prominent than expected. At present, 84% of the financial reports that the market has seen are profits or exceed-expected profits, and even corporate profits have generally increased by 33.7%. As a result, U.S. stocks have soared. The Dow broke a record high of 35,765.02 points, and the S&P recorded a high of 4551.44 points. The three major stock indexes rose by 1.08, 1.29%, and 1.64% in the week, and even the aviation sector is a surprising profit model. The logic of listed companies in the United States is apparent. On the one hand, the government policies for corporate rescue are appropriate. The Federal Reserve’s debt purchases are to help companies have sufficient liquidity. Even if inflation is coming, corporate capital flow and cash flow smoothly support economic cycles or development needs, so the United States The profitability of the company remains undiminished. On the other hand, the U.S. employment index is unsuitable for applying for unemployment benefits or non-agricultural purposes. However, the unemployment rate in the United States has dropped significantly. The increase in the rate is related to the stability and quality of labor. This is a severe problem deliberately ignored by American public opinion and an essential basis for the dollar’s depreciation. However, the U.S. economy is not at the level of polarization of public opinion. The overall economy and the logic of reality require careful observation and comparison.

3. The multi-angle combination of complex factors in the international environment is prominent. The current market highlights the upward trend of international oil prices. New York oil futures prices have risen for nine consecutive weeks. This is the most extended weekly rise since April 1983, and this is also why the depreciation of the U.S. dollar is justified. After all, the financialization of oil has been integrated into the critical position of the U.S. dollar framework, and the controllability of U.S. oil has been quite beneficial. The rising oil will be the focus and combined support of many issues around the world. The current stimulus of rising oil is unavoidable, and the two significant areas of production and consumption with industrial characteristics will be unavoidable. Coupled with the more geopolitical nature of oil, poor international relations are inevitable for oil stimulus. It is also an important new element and new framework focus of U.S. foreign relations. In particular, the U.S. government announced on the weekend that the U.S. fiscal year deficit for 2021 was the second-highest in history. It was 2.77 trillion U.S. dollars, less than 3.13 trillion U.S. dollars in the previous year. The contradiction problem of the United States shows the power and credibility of the U.S. dollar and indicates the risks and pressures of the U.S. dollar. The two-sided logic is appropriately used by the skilled U.S. dollar and can be used with ease.

It is expected that the depreciation of the U.S. dollar next week will be the fermentation of concerns about the size of the U.S. fiscal deficit. Still, it is expected that the exchange rate will be challenging to implement, and the actual U.S. dollar may have to appreciate due to the depreciation of the significant basket currencies. After all, the appreciation of major currencies in the main basket increases economic and policy risks. Repairing the market will certainly not be conducive to the depreciation of the U.S. dollar. However, commodity resource prices may rise. The U.S. dollar has more than a handful of hands. The U.S. dollar’s ​​incredible combination of technologies, strategies, and policies requires comprehensive observation and response.

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