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discover the #1 EV stock to BUY NOW

Morgan Stanley has reaffirmed its Buy recommendation for Tesla Motors, aiming for a $900 share price target.

Tesla’s shares have risen remarkably since 2020. And at nearly $850 per share, the stock is high-priced.
There is a new company that has created the next generation battery. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see it inside every Tesla in a couple of years.

Since it is still a privately held company, neither Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, or Bank of America publish “Top Stocks to Buy” lists. But the good news is that we anticipate our IPO within 90 days, so you still have time to buy these Pre-IPO shares.

Top venture capital firms and Bill Gates have already invested millions. And you can too – through this little-known back door available to every American.

Our price target.

This stock is 690% above its Pre-IPO price. And that could make it even more valuable than Tesla.