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in the following link, you can open a Demo or live trading account with
The CFD account registration is straightforward, quick and secure at As one of the most established professional providers in the online trading industry
Opening a trading account at Clicking on this link will redirect you to a simple registration form. The simplistic registration process may be completed in seconds. As soon the process completed You can begin trading in Demo mode or for real money in live markets.

Avatrade delivers The Best Online CFD Trading Experience! Now you can Start Trading Forex/CFD, On Bitcoin, Stocks, and commodities & more using AvaTrade’s Award Winning trading Platforms.

CFD trading industry has emerged significantly in recent years, with a vast array of brokers entering the UK market.
. The wide selection of brokers has both positive and negative aspects for CFD traders. The positive side is that the fierce competition has produced better product quality to the traders including top-notch technology, better value, a variety of assets and support quality for traders; The downside is as there are numerous CFD brokers to choose from that it’s almost impossible to decide with which one to trade!’s CFD Brokers list was designed to provide an independent comparison of the leading CFD brokers in the UK to help traders find a reputable, trustworthy and FCA regulated provider.

The comparison table looks at some of the fundamental characteristics to recognize when attending to open a CFD trading account.

What Are The Best CFD Trading Platforms in the UK?

Some of the best CFD trading platforms (and Apps) in the online trading industry;

What To Consider When Choosing a CFD Broker
Choosing a CFD broker that meets your specific trading needs is a very personal decision, and you should try some brokers before making your final decision.

Is the broker regulated?
Regulation is critical and easy to find out.
Trading with a regulated company has many advantages; most notably that a broker closely monitored by the financial regulator and are required to work within a specific framework, ensuring brokers run a business by the local laws and regulations.

UK’s Best CFD Brokers Comparison – 2018-2019

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