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Plus 500 Review 2022

Plus500, founded in 2008, is a multi-regulated and leading online trading CFD broker that offers a wide range of 2,000+ Forex and CFD instruments for trading on straightforward internally developed trading platforms.
Stocks, commodities, forex pairs, financial indices, cryptocurrency, and ETFs are among the underlying assets available at Plus500.

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eToro Review 2022

eToro is a multi-asset trading platform with over 2000 different assets to choose from. eToro is a multi-asset trading platform that offers over 2000 tradable assets. Stocks, commodities, forex, CFDs, social trading, indices, cryptocurrency, index-based products, and exchange-traded funds  (ETF) are among the underlying assets that can be traded on eToro.

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LiquidityX Review 2022

Based in Athens, Greece, LiquidityX is an HCMC regulated and licensed Broker authorised for CFD Trading within the European Economic Area (excluding Belgium) and Switzerland. LiquidityX is a Greek Investment Firm with license number 2/11/24.5.1994
For effective CFD trading, LiquidityX provides a fantastic set of conditions. These include the WebTrader and Metatrader 4 trading platforms, a wide range of trading assets, essential analysis indicators, and analytical tools, including Trading Central.
Capital Securities S.A. owns and operates LiquidityX, an online Forex and CFD broker. LiquidityX gives all traders direct access to many financial instruments in the trading markets worldwide, including Forex, CFDs, Commodities, Indices, Shares, and Cryptocurrencies.
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Considering the previous trends, where will the dollar go next?

School establishment:
   It’s the start of a new trading day. The school uses the US dollar index as the core of its predictions on international currency markets.

According to today’s disk, the performance of the US dollar index is somewhat surprising. The disk has fallen beneath the neckline of the “head and shoulders pattern” on the previous day. This technical pattern often indicates uncertainty in the markets as the longs and shorts squabble back and forth, unsure how to go.

Thinking more deeply, the market confirms that the cross star appears immediately after the neckline of the head and shoulders pattern breaks. This can only show one problem. The gap is not strong and may not have a big impact on the market. This makes the school stand. Suddenly remembered the previous performance when the market broke through the neckline of the “head and shoulders bottom pattern”, it was exactly the same, because at that time, after the market effectively broke through the head and shoulders bottom pattern, the cross star line also appeared on the second day, and now it is also out of the same situation. Will this be a remake? I believe only time can tell.

I have to say that the current US dollar is really stuck, the market has not started an effective market, and even has a trend of failure to break through, and now the US dollar has suddenly reproduced the previous scene, which makes people speechless, and believes that the market will not be too big. Quotes are given. After all, the US dollar is still dormant. It is also difficult to give a larger quote at this time.

   How to predict the next step of the dollar index? The school believes that it may be similar to the trend when the previous breakthrough occurred. In other words, the US dollar index may see some declines today, and it is also possible to produce a new breakthrough downward, but it may be temporarily for a sharp decline. No, after all, the larger pattern of the US dollar still needs to be bullish rather than bearish. The current situation is just a short-term game. It can also be seen as sweeping fluctuations in a range of shocks, since the market has been re-enacted. Part of the previous trend, then it is not impossible to continue to reproduce the follow-up trend. Because this market is a “everything is possible” market.

At the operational level, it is still based on short-term thinking, looking for opportunities to overestimate or underestimate the scum; adopt different coping strategies for different varieties, try to choose valuable points to enter the market, remember to bring a stop loss just in case, after all, the current There are still many crises in the market, and only care can make the Wannian Ship!


  Combined with the above analysis, today Europe and the United States can actually overestimate the low scum, but combined with the market analysis, it is more appropriate to deploy a short-selling strategy on rallies today. Give the following suggestions and refer to the operation as appropriate. Weak position:

   Short selling in the 1.2180-1.2190 range, stop loss 20 points, target 1.2160, 1.2140, 1.2120.



  The second operation currency pair today, continue to choose the US and Japan. Because currently only the United States and Japan can still have the opportunity to deploy, other direct currencies have excessive behavior, but they are dangerous. Combining the board to give the following suggestions, refer to the operation as appropriate, and wet warehouse:

  Buy in the 105.15-105.25 interval, stop loss 20 points, target 105.45, 105.65, 105.85.



   Gold is in a state of shock; gold’s liquidity has become worse and worse, meaning less and less volatility. However, the price of gold will still fluctuate. After all, gold is still the largest trading product today.

From an operational perspective, today’s gold can have opportunities for overestimation and low slag, which are around 1818 and 1796, respectively. However, considering the current potential risks in the market, we can only consider low-to-multiple suggestions today, and the market will do whatever the opportunity is. Wait and see without giving a chance, Wessang:

  Buy in the range of 1795-1796, stop loss 3 dollars, target 1799, 1803, 1808.

Financial Markets Review TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 16th

Last week the equities markets drifted higher to set a new all-time high. The caveat for investors is that signs of underlying weakness remain in the market and could be setting the indices up for a fall. Although the bulk of S&P 500 companies beat their consensus estimates the market was expecting much better, which is not a good thing for equity prices. In addition to earnings prospects dimming, the weather also indicates a decline in economic activity. Although the bulk of the information is in the positive territory, none suggests an acceleration in economic activity.

This week is going to be different. Although the earnings cycle is fast coming to an end, the economic calendar is full. A few reports worth to pay attention to include retail sales, the Producer Price Index, Industrial Production, Business Inventories, and Housing starts. The surprises may be the Industrial Production and Business inventories. Demand generated by the pandemic and a rebounding economy has inventories shrinking and output increasing.

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Weekly Market Review

While the equity market continued to drift sideways near a high set a few weeks ago, traders need to concentrate on the cues for the next market move that will lead to a breakout. The Nasdaq Composite and Standard & Poor’s 500 Index saw gains versus the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Investors are hopeful further stimulus measures from the Fed will boost the economy. At the same time, on the other, the risks of COVID continue to weigh on the economy.
In our view, what is likely to happen is that the latest round of stimulus measures will be passed into law by the middle of March and include another check for most American consumers. One of the final sticking points to be decided is who, exactly, will get another tab. This bill also increases the minimum wage and the unemployment benefits, which include a one-year extension.